Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The best seat on the plane is any seat with a window – and no wing to or engine to block the view of the ground.  That all works as long as the route is not blanketed with clouds.

Part of my trip to Fresno was through and over the clouds that covered Portland, Salem, and Eugene.  We were even flying inside the clouds for a time – I thought driving in the fog was bad!

Somewhere around Klamath Falls, the blanket of clouds ended and the 35,000 feet of space between our plane and the ground was fully visible.

From 35,000 feet, I could follow the roads and freeways as they cut and wound through mountain passes, roamed into hidden valleys, and ended up in the middle of nowhere.

From 35,000 feet, the courses of rivers and streams were clearly visible as they rushed and meandered through the wilderness and the cities.

From 35,000 feet, I saw the effect of the wind as it kicked up dirt and sand in the lonely places and dispersed it over the nearby hills.

From 35,000 feet, I could see where I would rather travel if I were on the ground…and where I would choose not to be.

There are days I wish I could jet to 35,000 feet to look at the full lay of the land so I can go where I need to go with as little trouble as possible.  I’m speaking metaphorically.  It would be nice to see the lay of my life in its detail.

When I’m on the ground, I am unaware of where each road leads.  When I choose to ford a river, I am not always sure there is not a bridge farther downstream…or a waterfall.

On the ground, I may find myself in the middle of a storm where I cannot see land or sky.  From the air, I would have seen it coming and chosen a different path.

And there are plenty of times I do not recognize that I am moving along quite well.  Things are find and the road is smooth.  I don’t think about a bird’s eye view then.

When my direction is comfortable, unsure, or wreckless, there is someone who always has a 35,000 feet view.  Through His Spirit he is able to navigate me through the needful storms and away from the unwanted turns if I will choose to hear Him.

The Teacher gave us this word of wisdom, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)

My steps have a sure guide who does see from 35,000 feet and lived at ground level.  If I listen and trust, my route will always follow the best route.